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Plague Doctor's Embrace Corkwood Coaster Set - 4 Pieces

Plague Doctor's Embrace Corkwood Coaster Set - 4 Pieces

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Introducing our enigmatic Plague Doctor's Embrace coaster, where history and mystery converge in a captivating tableau. Step into the shadowed world of the medieval era, where a solitary figure donning the infamous bird-like mask roams the streets, tending to the sick and shrouded in enigma. This coaster captures the essence of that haunting presence, with intricate details that bring the Plague Doctor's legacy to life. With its dark allure and a touch of mystique, it serves as a reminder of the resilience and sacrifice of those who walked these troubled paths before us. As you place your drink upon this coaster, let yourself be transported to a time of uncertainty, where the Plague Doctor's mask concealed both fear and hope.

Let the Plague Doctor's Embrace coaster remind you of the strength of the human spirit and the triumph of compassion amidst adversity.

Perfect for history enthusiasts and seekers of unique decor, this coaster adds an air of intrigue and solemn beauty to any setting. Embrace the enigmatic allure of the Plague Doctor's Embrace coaster and let its presence transport you to a bygone era.

.: High-gloss MDF top
.: Cork back to prevent sliding
.: 0.16" (0.4cm) thick
.: 4-piece set
.: One size: 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm)


  3.75" × 3.75"
Width, in 3.75
Height, in 3.75
Depth, in 0.16


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