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Galaxy of Planets Poker Playing Cards

Galaxy of Planets Poker Playing Cards

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Embark on an interstellar journey with our Cosmic Galaxy Poker Cards, sized perfectly at 2.47x3.47". Crafted with meticulous precision and a focus on quality, these cards are more than just a game; they're a gateway to the captivating expanse of the universe, where a galaxy of planets awaits your exploration.

Experience the allure of seamless gameplay with high-quality smooth card stock that guarantees effortless shuffling and dealing. Each card glides through your hands, promising a satisfying shuffle and deal, mirroring the graceful movements of celestial bodies.

Yet, the true magic is revealed on the back of each card—a breathtaking galaxy of planets, each one a sparkling gem in the cosmic tapestry. Lose yourself in the splendor of distant worlds and dream of far-off galaxies as you immerse yourself in games that take you beyond the boundaries of our own planet.

Whether you're a space enthusiast, a lover of captivating visuals, or someone seeking to elevate your card collection, our Cosmic Galaxy Poker Cards beckon. They're not just cards; they're a portal to the unknown, an invitation to explore the majesty of the universe with every shuffle and deal. Let the cosmos guide your gameplay and transport you to the wonders of galaxies far, far away.

Card Dimensions: 2.47" x 3.47"; Includes 52x playing cards with 2x Joker cards.

.: Perfect for your special poker night
.: Cards come with a white, generic tuck box with cellophane window
.: Smooth card stock
.: A standard deck of 52 playing cards with 2 Joker cards

  2.47" x 3.47"
Width, in 2.47
Height, in 3.47
Depth, in 0.01


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