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Vintage Plague Doctor Non-Stick Desk Mat

Vintage Plague Doctor Non-Stick Desk Mat

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Elevate your workspace with our Vintage Plague Doctor Non-Slip Desk Mat! Beyond just looking cool, this mat adds a touch of historical intrigue while keeping your surfaces pristine. Effortlessly enhance organization as you channel the aura of an era gone by.

Picture your desk adorned with this fascinating Plague Doctor illustration, inspired by times of old. While exuding vintage charm, this mat prevents scratches and stains, ensuring your workspace remains both stylish and functional.

With its smooth surface and non-slip base, this mat effortlessly combines aesthetics and practicality. Durability is its forte; it's built to withstand the test of time without fraying or pilling, ensuring your workspace remains polished.

Whether you're navigating a historical journey or simply adding a touch of curiosity to your workspace, our Vintage Plague Doctor Non-Slip Desk Mat is here to inspire. Optical and laser mice are seamlessly supported, making every move effortless. At 31.5" × 15.5" (80cm × 39.4cm), it offers ample space for your creative endeavors while transporting you to a time of mystery and marvel.

Embrace the allure of history and upgrade your workspace with this captivating desk mat that goes beyond functionality—it's a conversation starter and an ode to the past.

.: Materials: 100% polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing
.: One size: 31.5" × 15.5" (80cm × 39.4cm )
.: Smooth surface
.: Anti-fray edges

  31.5" × 15.5"
Width, in 31.50
Height, in 15.50


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