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Santa's Joyful Tech Poker Cards

Santa's Joyful Tech Poker Cards

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Capture the festive cheer with our Santa's Joyful Tech Poker Cards, sized perfectly at 2.47x3.47". Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, these cards offer more than just a game; they're a glimpse into Santa's joyful world as he discovers something delightful on his phone.

Experience the magic of seamless gameplay with high-quality smooth card stock that guarantees effortless shuffling and dealing. Each card glides through your hands with ease, ensuring each shuffle and deal is as smooth as Santa's joyful chuckle.

However, the true enchantment unfolds on the back of each card. Picture a scene where Santa himself is gazing at his phone with an expression of sheer delight. His rosy cheeks reflect the excitement he's experiencing, and his hearty laughter seems to echo from each card, inviting you to share in his festive joy.

Whether you're gathering for holiday games, seeking a unique addition to your card collection, or simply looking to infuse your festivities with extra merriment, our Santa's Joyful Tech Poker Cards are the answer. They're more than just cards; they're a window into Santa's world of happiness, offering a blend of seamless gameplay and heartwarming holiday cheer. Shuffle, deal, and embrace the spirit of the season with Santa's contagious laughter in every hand.

Card Dimensions: 2.47" x 3.47"; Includes 52x playing cards with 2x Joker cards.

.: Perfect for your special poker night
.: Cards come with a white, generic tuck box with cellophane window
.: Smooth card stock
.: A standard deck of 52 playing cards with 2 Joker cards

  2.47" x 3.47"
Width, in 2.47
Height, in 3.47
Depth, in 0.01


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